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Man mot man, kvinna mot kvinna!

Man mot man, kvinna mot kvinna!

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Landslaget på plats!

Landslaget på plats!

Svenska landslaget kommer till Växjö! Foto: Deca Text & Bild


Nordic Indoor Match on Instagram

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Double victory for Sweden

Sweden did win the Nordic Indoor Match also this year.



  1. Sweden 146
  2. Norway 117
  3. Finland 111
  4. Denmark/Iceland 85


  1. Sweden 155
  2. Denmark/Iceland 103,5
  3. Finland 101,5
  4. Norway  100

Nordic Indoor Match streamed direct

The match is shown directly on the web.

SVT Play

SVT Play 13:55-17:45

Start Lists Ready

Now the start lists is published on the website. It seems like it will be a really nice match between the Nordic Countries with some really interesting highlights like the womens Pole Vault and so on.

The complete start lists

Press conference streamed on the web

At 15:00 CET there will be held a press conference held regarding the Nordic Indoor Match. There will be three athletes there, Fanny Roos, who recently put over 17 meters in the shot put, the hurdler Alexander Brorsson, and Elise Malmberg. One of the highlights will also be the draw of the lanes, and jumping/throwing order. The press conference will be held in Swedish and will be visible on the special page for the press conference.

Team Manual Published

The first version of the Team manual is now published under “Team-info” in the header menu.

Time Schedule published

Now it is possible to find the Time Schedule on the website. Just click on the “Time Schedule” above and you’ll find the different start times in the different events. The match starts with a head Start, Men Pole Vault at 13:00 and the rest starts at 14:00.

The tickets are released!

Today the tickets were realeased and are now able to buy on the website. Just click “Tickets” in the menu above and you will be transferred to the ticket site.


The invitation is now published under the menu “team-info”.

The match is back in Växjö

The Nordic Indoor match is one of the highlights for the national teams during the indoor season. The Swedish teams have been able to win the last five matches and are hoping to continue the winning streak. However there will be three other teams that will make their best to try to stop the Swedes to take another win.

Now the agreement with Local Organizer IFK Växjö, the host city Växjö, and Swedish Athletics is made so we are happy to announce that the match will be back in Telekonsult Arena in Växjö.

The date of the match is 13th of February 2016.